Sunday, September 25, 2016

The team is growing

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you our co-producer Stevan Krickovic! I've known Stevan for over thirty years. We first met in high school; strings class to be specific. When I first signed up I thought I was going to learn the guitar... instead, I was assigned the cello and Stevan became my partner in crime. Not only did he help me master the instrument so that I wouldn't make a fool of myself at our school recital but he helped me for a few hours a week jam it up with the guitar in the school's basement music room, when we were supposed to be practicing the cello. 

Stevan is a great addition to our team; he's bringing an abundance of experience as he has produced various impressive projects and his love for music and his contributions in the fields are an asset for Red Door and Lemon Tree. 

Stevan is also one of the first few people I approached, along with Irini and George and his passion for this project and to assist in any way he can are highly valued and appreciated. Steve's passion, creativity, love and experience are great qualities that strengthen the team. He has over the years continued to be a loyal friend, an important attribute in any business relationship.

As George and I embark on our adventure in Greece next week for more scouting, meetings and auditions, Stevan will keep things running here at home, making sure we continue to raise awareness via social media, go over the countless applications for the various positions posted so far and prepare as we get ready to set up our new office in the Bay/Yorkville area this November. Welcome aboard Stevan!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cretan Kindness

One of the most rewarding experiences for me while I was scouting in Crete this past July was meeting the locals. I met some of the nicest, kindest and selfless people I've ever met. They were welcoming and very giving. A few of those people that I came across with touched me deeply because not only were they giving to me, a complete stranger, offering support both personally and professionally asking nothing in return but I soon realized that their whole life was dedicated to helping others. These individuals do this just because they want and love to help others. They've created a non for profit organization comprised of volunteers called 'The wall of Kindness' that is dedicated to supporting those that are less fortunate. These individuals are so selfless that they have asked that they remain anonymous. They don't want recognition or praise, instead they want results.

Currently in partnership with the Community Medical Centre and the Heraklion Pharmacy they are trying to help a five year old boy, with a hearing and speech impairment receive a cochlear implant system (a hearing aid device), so this little boy can hear and slowly learn to speak for the very first time. The social workers and medical professionals involved are volunteering their time for the surgery but the cost of the hearing device is 20,000
So far, 16,000  have been raised out of the 20,000  necessary to purchase the hearing device. There are so many volunteers who are trying to help this little boy from Heraklio and some of them have organized a concert that is going to take place on Friday September 16th at 9:00 pm at Kipotheatro Kazantzaki.  Musicians John Tsilogiannis (guitar, singer), George Kouroupis (violin) and Maria Ieronymaki (singer), are starting the concert and headlining the show is the well known band Krites. It should be a beautiful evening with some incredible sounds and all for a very good cause.
If you're not in Crete but still want to help here's the banking information. Any contribution is beneficial and most welcome.

Pancretan Cooperative Bank, SWIFT CODE STPGGRA1, For account of Koinoniko Iatreio Allileggiis, ref. 'kochliako emfytevma' IBAN NO. GR81 0870 0970 0000 0001 1218 625

For more information about this act of kindness or others visit The Wall of Kindness on FB. You will be deeply touched, as I have been by the various initiatives that are being created to help those that are vulnerable and need an act of kindness by those that are more fortunate.

As I close this blog, I feel blessed to have met some of these volunteers that have dedicated so much of their time for others. It is truly an honour to know them and to have become their friend. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

About the music

I love Greek music. I love the vibration of the instruments, the way the words sound and how there's a song about every emotion one has ever felt. Music in film is important. It sets the mood and it keeps us interested in the story. It makes us feel the characters' emotions, their passion, their love, and their fear.
In making Red Door and Lemon Tree, many questions about the sound, the mood, and the feeling are being explored. The settings are LA and Crete. Two very beautiful places that generate similar yet very different moods, feelings and emotions. Los Angeles being vibrant, majestically busy with beautiful people everywhere making things happen. Crete, a stunning island with a simple way of life and unbelievable history and culture displayed proudly everywhere and in everyone's expression. 
We've had many interested musicians about the film's score and music and are currently exploring our options. 
How much "Greek" music do we want to showcase? How much of that should be traditional? And what about Los Angeles? What is the accurate vibe we want to portray and how about the transition between the two very unique places?
As we continue to explore and work towards answering these questions we are very grateful for our artists' input and love for this project. It is exactly this part of the process that I, as the producer, enjoy the most: collaborating with all the talented people that have reached out to me and my team determined to make a great movie with some of the best Greek and American music ever.