Wednesday, February 20, 2019

We found our Eve!

Melissanthi Mahut, Greek Canadian actress, will play the starring role of Eve, the Hollywood star that after her father’s death takes on a journey to search for her roots and family home in the beautiful island of Crete!

Melissanthi, known for playing Kassandra in ASSASSIN’S CREED and receiving a nomination for BEST ACHIEVEMENT IN CHARACTER in D.I.C.E awards that took place in Las Vegas this month has joined our Red Door and Lemon Tree Family!

Melissanthi’s other work include playing Tina, in IN TRANSIT, Pavlina in I GEFSI TIS AGAPIS and also known for playing in the film WORLD’S APART with J.K. Simmons and the film Notias directed by Tassos Boulmetis. 

My journey with Melissanthi has been incredible and I’m delighted to have her join our cast. I first met her in Athens in 2017 and I knew then that she had to be in my film. It was, of course, her audition late last year in Toronto, after a day’s work on Assassins Creed, that she blew us away with her authenticity and superb acting skills. She’s a brilliant actress and she will shine in this role!

Melissanthi, we welcome you and look forward to having you be a part of our journey!

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