Saturday, April 8, 2017

Second Chances

Second chances

We've all heard the sayings about first impressions and how important they are. The first time you meet someone and there's an instant connection or the impression is so good that you want to get to know the other person even more. That happens often. Especially for me, being in an industry where you meet so many beautiful and talented people, I'm often told not to give second chances. If somebody screws up, they're late, unprepared, or come off snobby or give you any negative vibes... that's it. They blew it. 

My personality tends to wonder though and I question this famous but unwritten first impression rule we seem to have about people. I wonder how many people we could have become friends with, hired or allowed to enrich our lives but didn't because of that darn first impression that for some reason didn't go as well as it should have. Have we not all had a bad day and have come across people only to wish later that we should have behaved differently more like our selves towards them but didn't; haven't we all had a bad alarm experience and ended up being late because of it? Life happens and to think that you only get one chance; it's kind of sad. 

First impressions are important but they're not always accurate. We've all met people that we were impressed with at first sight only to be disappointed later; may it be a partner, an employee or even a friend. That's because sometimes the first time you meet someone they may not truly be themselves. Those that are really good at it give you their best version of themselves or put on an act to impress you because they know or think they know what you're looking for. So in my opinion first impressions are not always accurate whether they're positive or negative. 

I am happy to have given second chances to people after a very awkward, not pleasant and sometimes bad first encounter. One of my dearest friends would have never become my  closest and most cherished friend if I had allowed myself to go by her first impression on me. The same goes with work. Sometimes the first interview may not have gone as well but relying on that instinct and calling to see that person for a second time, because of that "gut" feeling, has proven to be a great thing. 

I tend to rely more on that "gut" feeling. Sometimes if we allow ourselves to see beyond the attitude and feel or understand what's underneath the surface that second chance can introduce us to some incredible people. 

Cheers to second chances.... sometimes they work out better than great first impressions!