Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Feeling at home

The moment I stepped out of the airplane I felt at home. I was at home. My birth country Greece! The feeling is surreal and not easy to describe. It's just like when you meet your soulmate and you just know. I know that I belong here! As I proceeded to claim my bags that feeling got stronger and by the time we left the airport and into my cousin's arms I felt overwhelmed with emotions.

Connecting with the people you love and you share memories with only enhances those deep emotions and the next few days that followed those feelings became stronger. Although this was a business trip, scouting, meeting and auditioning well known actors in Greece, I could not stop savouring every moment. I was blessed to be in my home country.

There's nothing more beautiful than to take an evening stroll in Athens and experience the vibrant life on every street. All the things that would have quieted another nation have only made my people stronger, louder and more alive than ever! Youth was everywhere living, laughing enjoying the beauty they are blessed to experience every day. I felt truly fortunate to be there... I felt happy!

In Crete, my emotions overwhelmed me even more. The tears were often visible on my face and I think that those around me could not truly understand that a lot of the times those were tears of joy, pride and a sense of longing for a place I had developed such love and need to be a part of.

Discovering that I have roots in Crete made it more real for me and more essential to stay connected. Every part we visited, just like before felt unique and precious. East or west ... It didn't matter. It made our scouting decisions so difficult because how do you choose over so many stunning places?

The thing that made it even harder for me as I stepped into that plane to head back to my family in Canada was saying good bye to all my new and old friends that have become so important to me over the last little while. The deep connections that I feel will last a lifetime regardless of the distance. The people that welcomed me into their homes and treated me like I was a part of their family. The ones that would look into my eyes and could feel my joy and my pain and all my  mixed emotions. The people that made it better with a simple hug letting me know that they care and that they were and will always be there.

Making 'Red Door and Lemon Tree' is truly a blessing for it is the journey that has brought me and continues to connect me to my home, my people and all the things that truly matter!