Saturday, July 8, 2017

About the casting

As we prepare to make our announcements and introduce the cast of Red Door and Lemon Tree, I wanted to thank every single person who participated in this process. The team, the casting and talent agents, the volunteers, the hotel managers that welcomed us, and most of all, the actual talent. There were so many of you and I thank you. We staged auditions in Athens, Crete, L.A., Vancouver, and back home in Toronto.

Everyone I met or auditioned made an impression. There were few disappointments. With some, I felt an instant connection; others inspired me to create, add, or change some of the roles in the script and include them because of their brilliance. Then, there were those that I could easily see in starring roles in the near future, in my upcoming projects. But all of you have made a lasting impression that I will cherish forever.

I don't believe in coincidence. Instead, I know that we all meet for a purpose. Sometimes it's not clear right away, but, with time, it becomes evident, and it is up to us to cultivate, cherish and establish what it is that we are meant to do together.

The important thing to remember is that with every relationship — personal or otherwise — there will be some disappointment. Often, we choose to walk away and never look back because, on some level, it is easier. But those that persist and those that trust, believe, and continue to explore the true meaning and purpose of the relationship are the ones that are blessed with the rewards that come with the knowledge learned from the struggles and challenges that's called the journey of life.

As I post my announcements everyone will see how it all came together. It is often true that choosing an actor is not so much about ability alone, but the vision of the creator, the chemistry between the characters, and that ‘something’ the actor brings to the character.

I thank you all for your time, your dedication, your individuality, and the passion you have shown me for this project. Till we meet again…

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